Introducing our new DIGITAL COUPON BOOK! 

***Download our app, Local Savings Coupons, for free in both Apple and Google Play app stores to see all of the coupons currently available in our 2021 digital coupon book! To activate the coupons for redemption, you will need to purchase an activation code from one of fundraising groups through our virtual fundraising portal.***

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and we never leave home without it!  Now you can have our coupon book conveniently on your smartphone with our new mobile coupon app, Local Savings coupons! The future is finally here! 

To start saving serious money at some of the best locally owned businesses in Tupelo and surrounding areas, just search for our app, Local Savings coupons, in your app store and download it for FREE! You'll be able to see all of the coupons available, but you'll need to activate the coupons before you can redeem them.

There are two ways to activate the coupons with an activation code or with a subscription thru our appThe activation code unlocks our 2020-21 Digital Coupon Book 'fundraiser pass' which will activate the coupons thru 12/31/21. This16-digit code is only available thru our local fundraising groups, like schools, churches, and nonprofits. *We now have a virtual fundraising portal on our website where you can purchase a digital coupon book and support a local fundraiser! These fundraising groups sell our activation codes for only $20, which is a significant savings over a subscription thru our app, plus they earn 50% on the sale of these codes for their fundraiser! You help them raise money, they help you save money, and we all help support our local businesses! This is a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

[Because of Covid19, we decided not to print our traditional coupon books this year. Many businesses were closed during the time we work on the book plus there were just too many unknowns. The 10th edition of our coupon book isn't our traditional paper coupon book, but instead it's our new digital coupon book!]

There are many advantages of our digital coupon book over our traditional coupon book. Digital coupons are contactless!  Just show your phone with your redeemed coupon to the cashier and no paper has to be exchanged. Plus, think of all the paper we're going to save! Also, because our traditional coupon books are only printed once a year, no changes or updates can me made until the next year. With our digital coupon book, we're always adding new coupons throughout the year!  As businesses open (or close), we can make updates in real time so that our digital coupon book is always up to date! 

We still have hundreds of coupons from hundreds of local businesses in Tupelo and surrounding areas, we just moved them from our paper coupon book to our digital coupon book! You'll find most of the same businesses offering coupons in our digital coupon book that are typically found in our traditional coupon books, and then some! We're always adding new businesses and new coupons throughout the year! 

The digital coupons on our app are divided by category and by city so that you can easily find the coupon you need, similar to our traditional coupon books. You can save your 'favorite' coupons so you can find them quickly when you need them.  Plus, you can save your favorite businesses and get notifications if they add new coupons! Another great feature is that the app will keep track of your savings automatically, so that you can see how much you save throughout the year. You'll also be able to manually add your savings for any coupons that aren't automatically added because it's not a set amount off, like $10 off, so you can manually add the amount saved for coupons like 20% off one item or a free dessert.

All of our digital coupons are one-time use coupons, just like our paper coupons in our traditional coupon books. Once you redeem a coupon, that particular coupon can't be used again. You'll still have hundreds more to use, so don't worry. Plus, we're always adding more! 

If you have any questions about our mobile app or if you need help finding a fundraiser that sells our digital coupon books' activation codes, please contact us!  Call or text us at 662-871-4171 or email us at