Fundraising 101

Local Savings coupon books are a fantastic way to raise funds for schools, groups, sports teams, churches, or any other non-profit organization!  Local Savings provides a much easier way to raise money than any of the traditional fundraisers currently on the market because you'll be selling a product that people actually want to buy because everyone loves saving money!  

Why sell a product that can be found else where at a much cheaper price?  Why not give your supporters something that can actually save them money instead? The $20 spent on this coupon book can easily be recouped after using just one or two coupons!  Because our coupon books are valid from August of every year thru December 31st of the following year, your supporters will have up to 17 months to use the coupons, which is plenty of time to save potentially hundreds of dollars, if not more!  
Everyone likes saving money and supporting local businesses!  With Local Savings coupon books, you can do both!  The coupons in our books encourage people to go to these local businesses because of the incredible savings and by 'going local' they're supporting our local economy!  Because all of the businesses in this coupon book are locally owned, every time you use a #localsavingscoupon, you are supporting local businesses!

Because of Covid19, we did not print our traditional coupon books this year. Many businesses were closed during the time we work on the book plus there were just too many unknowns. Our 10th coupon book isn't our traditional paper coupon book, but instead it's the same great coupons, just in digital form!   Now you can have our coupon book conveniently on your smartphone with our new mobile coupon app, Local Savings coupons! 

Our new 2020-21 DIGITAL coupon books
(aka the digital coupons on our mobile coupon app) are now available! It's FREE to download our app to see all of the coupons available, but users will need to activate the coupons to redeem them with either an activation code or a subscription thru the app. 

The 16 digit activation code, only available thru local fundraising groups, like schools, churches, and nonprofits, will unlock our 2020-21 Digital Coupon Book 'fundraiser pass' which will activate the coupons thru 12/31/21. 
Fundraising groups
sell these activation codes for only $20, which is a significant savings over a subscription thru the app, AND THEY EARN 50% on their sales! 

Fundraisers earn 50% profit on all sales
The more you sell, the more you earn!
  • Sell 100 coupon books, earn $1K
  • Sell 200 coupon books, earn $2K
  • Sell 300 coupon books, earn $3K
  • Sell 500 coupon books, earn $5K
  • Sell 1,000 coupon books, earn 10K   
Our digital coupon books are distributed on a consignment basis, which means there is no up-front costs and a completely risk-free fundraiser!  We have DIGITAL COUPON BOOK CARDS printed with a unique 16 digit activation code on each card. The more you sell the more you earn, and what you don't sell, you can return!  You can have the money you need in just 2-3 weeks! 

'Raising Money by Saving Money and supporting local businesses' is our motto!  
Let us help you raise money so you can help others save money and support local businesses! 

Don't delay, schedule your fundraiser today!  Call or text Veronica at 662-871-4171 or send an email to us at to start Raising money, saving money, and supporting local businesses!