Advertise your local business with Local Savings!  We offer FREE and low-cost advertising options! 

We now have THREE options for advertising with Local Savings;  in our coupon books, on our new mobile coupon app (aka digital coupon book), and on our new coupon card!   *NOTICE:  Because of COVID 19, we are not offering coupon book advertising this year.


We offer FREE and low cost advertising opportunities on our new mobile coupon app!  The future is here! Almost everyone has a smartphone now and most people never leave home without it. It's much more convenient to have coupons on your phone than to carry around a heavy coupon book, which can easily be forgotten, or worse, lost. With our new mobile coupon app, you basically have a 'digital coupon book' with you everyone you take your phone! All of the app coupons are one-time use coupons, just like the paper coupons in our coupon books.

There are many advantages of a digital coupon book over a traditional coupon book. Our traditional coupon books are only printed once a year and after they're printed, no changes can me made. With our digital coupon book/mobile app, we can add coupons at anytime throughout the year!  As businesses open (or close), or make any changes, we can make updates in real time. 

Our mobile coupon app, Local Savings coupons, is free to download in the Apple and Google app stores, but an activation code is required to activate the coupons so that they can be redeemed.  Because we aren't printing a coupon book this year because of Covid 19, schools, churches, and non-profit groups will be selling access to our 'digital coupon book' with activation codes to unlock our 'digital coupons' instead of selling our traditional coupon books. We will also offer monthly activation subscriptions thru the app.

FREE (BASIC) OPTION - This includes up to 4 coupons on the app with your business logo, phone number, and address.  All app coupons are one-time use, so once a user redeems your coupon, that coupon will no longer be available for that user. Your coupons will be valid for 12 months from the date your coupons are added to the app.

LOW-COST (UPGRADE) OPTION - This includes up to six coupons on the app with photos for each coupon and custom expiration dates. Business ‘app page’ with a photo gallery, links to social media and/or website, and a business description. Merchant log-in with access to your ‘app page’ to add/edit coupons, photos, etc. and a detailed coupon redemption report for your business. Your business will also be included in our ‘Featured Business’ listing. 

                            ***UPGRADE RATES***
  • One Year subscription - $15 per month, paid thru the app
  • 3 Months subscription - $25 per month, paid thru the app.
  • 6 Months subscription - $35 per month, paid thru the app.
  • Month to Month subscription - $45 per month, paid thru the app.

Only $99 for one year when you pay upfront!  BEST VALUE!

If you're ready to offer coupons on our app

Click here to sign up NOW!

We will get your coupons added to the Local Savings app within 1-2 days! 


We will offer a coupon card this year for our fundraising groups. The cards will be the size of a credit card. Customers will show the card to businesses to receive a discount. There are no limits on the number of times a discount can be used with on our coupon cards. We suggest a 10% discount. 

It's free to offer a discount on our coupon cards!  Please email us at (use coupon card as the subject) and tell us what discount you want to offer and we'll add it to our website. The cards will be available this Fall.

Our cards will cover Tupelo and surrounding areas. There will be too many businesses to put on the card, so we will have a website that will let customers know which business participate and what discount each business offers. 


(Due to Covid 19 we are not doing a coupon book for 2020-21, but we are still offering advertising on our app!)


Because our coupon books are sold thru local schools, churches, and non-profit groups as fundraisers, we can offer low-cost advertising to locally owned businesses in Tupelo and surrounding areas! 

  • We only accept coupon ads from locally owned businesses. 
  • Coupon ads are only accepted January-May.  
  • Our books are sold thru fundraising groups all over Northeast Mississippi!  They've been sold in over 10 counties including Lee, Pontotoc, Union, Prentiss, Alcorn, Tishomingo, Tippah, Itawamba, Benton, Monroe, and Lafayette, so your ad will be seen by a huge market area
  • Local Savings coupon books are printed once a year and are available in August of every year and valid thru the end of the next year. That means that your coupon book ad will get 17 months of ad exposure! You won't find a better bang for your advertising buck! 

    COUPON BOOK AD RATES *All coupon book ads include a whole page in full-color, free graphic design, and a free coupon book!

    • 6 coupons, whole page -$150   BEST VALUE AND MOST POPULAR!
    • 5 coupons, whole page - $175
    • 4 coupons, whole page - $200
    • 3 coupons, whole page - $225
    • 2 coupons, whole page - $250
    • 1 coupon, whole page   - $300 

     ***For a limited time, coupon ads will come with a FREE app upgrade! (see below for details***

    For more information about advertising in our coupon books or on our new mobile coupon app, please contact us at 662-871-4171 or